ScubaEarth BETA網站現對PADI潛水中心開通並會在近幾周内對所有PADI專業人士和消費者開放。

PADI潛水店如何進入該BETA網站來開始呢?只需使用潛水店的用戶名和密碼,登陸PADI專業人士區PADI Pros’ Site。進入PADI專業人士區PADI Pros’ Site, 點擊ScubaEarth 連接。隨後您就可以設置您的PADI中心的簡介,確保有關訊息是正確的,並進一步熟悉ScubaEarth

如何設置您的ScubaEarth簡介(How to Set Up Your ScubaEarth Profile )指南可以在PADI專業人士區PADI Pros’ Site找到,以幫助PADI潛店完成初始的設置。


現在就訪問PADI專業人士區PADI Pros’ Site點擊ScubaEarth連接來開始吧!



ScubaEarth – the new PADI scuba resource and social community is a robust, one-stop site for divers to research, plan and share dive experiences. ScubaEarth hosts everything scuba, from current weather and dive conditions to photos, videos and comments about dive locations, while placing PADI Dive Shops at the hub of this online activity.

The ScubaEarth BETA site is now live for PADI Dive Shops and will be available for all individual PADI Pros and consumers in the coming weeks.

How can PADI Dive Shops login to the BETA site to get started? Simply login to the PADI Pros’ Site using your PADI Dive Shop username and password. Once logged into the PADI Pros’ Site, you can click over to ScubaEarth by following the ScubaEarth link. You can then ensure your PADI Dive Shop Profile is set up with the correct information and familiarise yourself with ScubaEarth.

The How to Set Up Your ScubaEarth Profile guide is also available in the PADI Pros’ Site to assist PADI Dive Shops with the initial set up.

While ScubaEarth will only be released in English at this stage, other languages can be used in key sections by PADI Dive Shops and divers.

To get started, visit the PADI Pros’ Site and click the ScubaEarth link!

If you have any questions regarding ScubaEarth please contact your PADI Regional Manager or the PADI Asia Pacific office.

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